Professional vagabond and freelance daydreamer

Survivor of tech freelancing, taking cyberpunk to its logical conclusion (by being a homeless crazy person in Seattle). Now peddling fiction shorts on Patreon while I wait for housing, hopefully.

Personal Status: Living via AirBnB, in and around Seattle. I was diagnosed with PTSD that's been with me since childhood; and since that's a permanently-disabling condition, I lost the housing I was getting from a temporary disability program. They would have shuffled me back on if they could, but then a foot-dragging snafu with Social Security ensued.

So, I'm homeless. Want to help keep me indoors? The best way is to support my monthly fiction releases, for as little as $4 a month!

Or you can support me directly via Paypal.

Professional Status: I'm simplifying my website for the time being; the tech blogs and service sections will probably never come back. I will try to create a story-based sci-fi game via Unity in my spare time, but I have always worked at the speed of a disabled person, and now I know why.

PS: Oh, and I also stream now. So far there's no schedule, so just follow me on Twitch to be notified when I go live. At the moment, I mainly draw pixel art and hum to myself. Come say hi in chat! I've also integrated the viewer and chat onto my website here just to be a showoff, but the direct link to my Twitch channel works better.

Bad haircut and all, the first bit of Project:SpaceNavy design art