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I am Nathan Hawks, writer and Joomla service tech for hire.

2014-15 Website Features ad - Nathan Hawks can give a website: maps, events, stats & analytics, ad server software, member features, forums, a wiki, galleries, and more!

My life's dream is to become a content developer for tabletop role-playing games, but web IT and writing services pay the bills. Let me tell you about my various Joomla-related support services and similar offerings!

I would really appreciate your business! New clients, please contact me before purchasing service. I aim to reply to inquiries within 36 hours.

If you need Joomla support services either on-call, or for a project, I always work to impress my clients with dedication, and attention to service. Start here by browsing my services, and get in touch when you're ready for personalized, professional help with your Joomla website.

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"Nathan Hawks took care of both my old Joomla 1.5 sites. He updated everything to Joomla 2.5 including my templates. He remained very responsive to all my questions after service was finished, and he didn't charge for extra service until it was really warranted. I wouldn't have been able to stay on budget without Nathan's help!"

Sandra Kenney
AThousand Words Media

"Nathan Hawks... what can I actually say ? An absolute GENIUS in my book who SAVED my backside ! My forums were a complete mess and I was on the verge of quitting Joomla even after all the work I put in to make my site a success. Nathan came along, and in a short period fixed the problem. An absolute credit to Joomla and Joomla beginners! Trustworthy, intelligent and swift, well worth the money!"

Aaron Baker
United Kingdom

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