Professional vagabond and freelance daydreamer

Survivor of tech freelancing, taking cyberpunk to its logical conclusion (by being an eccentric street person in Seattle with a mentally ill agenda who's always broke). Now gearing up for Serious Art as promised. And housed!

Alert the Associated Press and the Illuminati's nanodrone dispatchers, Nathan Hawks has a place to live.Personal Status:

When I'm on that master kilter,
I'm a walking Instagram filter!
Need a profile picture, but not a sad one?
Just add me, it'll look more fun!
You might think I'll waste your time,
But I'm one more thing you can do online!

Housed! I was homeless for most of June 2016 - May 2018. Not my first rodeo. I was very recently diagnosed with PTSD that's been with me since childhood. Thank you, Washington voters, for helping people stay off the street while they figure out their disability status -- because that's not a quick process and for some people, the family is the source of trauma.

Professional Status: Stand by. 

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It has come to my attention that I am skilled at expressing myself in many ways.

I don't know what I regret more about Bernie; that he didn't win, or that he came so close

Let's see what happens, now that the diagnosis is basically my only major drawback.

pixel art of three adult characters

Pixel art of three kid/teenage characters
Pixel art of three young child characters
Bad haircut and all, the first bit of Project:SpaceNavy design art

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Friends are just enemies who've decided to kill you with kindness.
A lover is someone who actually gives a fuck.