Akeeba Admin Tools Help Service

Admin Tools Help Service

Another extension from Akeeba which Joomla's user base widely says ought to be part of the core, Admin Tools presents you with many quick shortcuts and convenient redundancies. You will not have problems with this extension, but it deserves a page, to inform you it's an available add-on option for installation services.

JED Page Access and Sec \ Site Sec \ Site Protection \ Admin Tools
Homepage www.akeebabackup.com
Documentation .../documentation/admin-tools.html
Download .../downloads/admin-tools.html
Joomla Versions 2.5 and 3.x
One-Click Updates Yes, plus a native alternative

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What Does Admin Tools Do?

The following descriptions apply to version 2.5 of Admin Tools.


Joomla Core is an enhanced, seamless alternative to the built-in Joomla Updater. Admin Tools can also be updated via Admin Tools itself.


Emergency Off-line bypasses Joomla's "site offline" feature completely, and installs a blanket redirection to a flat-HTML message, for days when you've been hacked or are worried about an attack underway. Master Password lets you add an extra password challenge to a list of Joomla features you select, such as options for updates, taking the site offline, and over a dozen other actions and option-sets. Password-protect Administrator adds an htpasswd-based password prompt to the back-end (with a single password shared by all admins). Database table prefix editor is useful if you're organizing your site's databases. Super Administrator ID changes the database ID of the main admin user, a necessary security step on sites migrated from old versions of Joomla.


Permissions Configuration lets you tweak Admin Tools' snapshot of your site's correct file and folder permissions. Fix Permissions applies those permissions in case they have changed. SEO and Link Tools consists of three basic tools for updating hard-coded links after a site migration, combining JavaScript and CSS, and forcing HTTPS on all links when the site is accessed via HTTPS. Clean Temp Directory frees up space when you're reaching your hosting storage quota, and can sometimes prevent security leaks. Change Database Collation is a compatibility tool useful for moving the site to a server with an older or newer version of your database server. Repair & Optimise Tables is a one-click tool that fixes problems which can arise from migrating from old versions of Joomla, backup restoration, manual host migrations, and other sometimes-lossy database processes. Purge Sessions logs everyone out, which is useful after host migrations, backup restoration, Joomla upgrades, and so on.

Things to Know

Be Careful With Permissions

The Permissions Configuration and Fix Permissions tools are awesome; just one simple thing when setting up Permissions Configuration (and using permissions generally). Never set any permission such that the third digit is a 6 or 7. Never do it -- especially if someone tells you to. Click here for a full guide to Unix-style permissions.

Your .htaccess Is Irreplaceable!*

Yet Emergency Off-line replaces this file, and if any mishap takes place, you will hope you've already ensured your .htaccess file(s) gets rolled into your backups and that you've been taking backups after every re-development spurt. (Yes, Akeeba Backup knows to include .htaccess by default.)

*Okay, most of you actually haven't customized .htaccess; it's often the same renamed, stock htaccess.txt distributed with Joomla. Many, however, have put many dollars and hours into customizing .htaccess for custom redirects, which, if present, are critically important. tl;dr: Your .htaccess file can quickly become the most important file on your Joomla site, and nearly as important as your database. To reduce the risk of bad turning to worse, never use Emergency Off-line until you get a handle on where to find .htaccess in your backups and on your site!

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