Akeeba Backup Help Service

Akeeba Backup Help Service

If you're not using Akeeba Backup, and it's not because you're using something even better, you're making a grave mistake.

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Joomla Versions 2.5 and 3.x

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Why You Need a Backup Solution

The files on your web space, are not your Joomla site -- they're part of it, but not the whole picture. The articles and other things you put in Joomla, are in the database.

Things to Know

Knowing is Only Half the Battle

Knowing may not be enough. It's easy to miss hidden-but-critical files, or to take the database backup incorrectly by hand. And, of course, taking backups is one more task -- the less convenient, the easier to let it slip between the cracks.

Akeeba is Rock Simple

Good news if you've never taken backups and don't know what to do: Akeeba makes the process of backing up and restoring a Joomla site as routine and approachable as any vital task should be. Once it's configured and you're trained, it's a one-click process to create a backup; after creation finishes, you simply download via FTP or your hosting file manager.

Akeeba is Needy

A few web hosts have lower versions of PHP than the newest Akeeba Backup requires. This is a deal-breaker for installing the newest version of Akeeba (and a potential problem more generally). Never fear, older versions are available for use on those sites.

Free Site Cloner with Every Installation

Akeeba Backup enables quick experimentation with new site developments, and the creation of personal Joomla installation kits, in addition to filling a critical due diligence need. Simply create a .zip-style backup of any fully- or partially-developed Joomla site; then, install that zip on a development site, and let your experimentation and creativity go wild!

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