JEvents Help Service

JEvents Help Service

The free edition of JEvents has so much flexibility and so few limitations, it might take you a long time to outgrow it in favor of their paid version. It allows for multiple calendars, multiple categories, its own per-user permission system for front-end event management, and convenient access to near-total control for designers. 

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Why Everyone Needs JEvents

Good open source calendars are elusive, and always have been. It's a much more complex kind of app, than cursory analysis suggests: events have so many vectors for organizing and seeking data; timed content is especially sorting-intensive; event recurrence multiplies the database size. Web-based calendar apps immediately require tight database science, to avoid grinding to a halt.

JEvents pulls it all off, and then, to really impress, it adds robust multi-user support.

Things to Know

Search, and You Will Find

JEvents supplies plugins for both of Joomla's bundled search systems, Search and Smart Search. Your calendars' events will be unified, via a single search form, with Joomla articles, and any other extensions supplying such plugins.

Keep Your Site Lightweight

Your designer will need to sharpen up many little details, which means adding a lot of CSS. This is par for the course, and could be done via the usual routes, but JEvents's own back-end CSS control function makes it convenient to add style code which only loads as-needed -- a feature which lets you conserve bytes and milliseconds, which means JEvents won't have to add to your site's load time and client-side memory footprint.

Adding Up Options

Thanks to the mature status of JEvents, specifically in its many vectors of control, you can deploy many different calendars for different purposes on the same site, effectively. We're talking about much more than the typical use of multiple menu items and ACL.

Would you like different user levels to use different calendars in different ways? Do you need specific users to have very specific rights to a certain subset of the JEvents feature set? Do you want to bypass admin hand-holding, and let users self-publish events? Do you need another user to be the boss of your site's calendars?

I haven't even scratched the surface with the above - switch to Advanced configuration mode, and your head will swell at the power, the more you grasp what's being offered. The free edition doesn't handcuff you to a demo - quite the opposite, you'll "need" JEvents long before you reach its limits or feel any pressure to upgrade!

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