JoomGallery Help Service

JoomGallery Help Service

The competition remains stiff between image gallery extensions for Joomla. So, why JoomGallery? Users like it because its multi-user features make it, optionally, something like a mini social network. Designers like it because, as plain as it looks out-of-the-box, that's just its programmer getting out of your designer's way. 

Admins like having a favorite upload tool for every device, your site's trusted members are glad to have their roles (thanks to front-end management features), and the person holding the purse is pleased when they hear that despite being free open source software, JoomGallery has been a highly-rated extension since its debut in 2008. Entrepreneurs, appropriately, read all this, and then jump on JoomGallery faster than a kid on a trampoline. 

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Why JoomGallery?

The multi-user functionality in JoomGallery's front-end is flatly top-notch. User content is not a special, crippled, datatype, which means front-end gallery rights can be used for many purposes. 

Say you want your columnists to have a front-end alternative to Media Manager, with each user owning a private root folder. Or, maybe Joomla is your distributed organization's global intranet, and the front end is where a certain tier of your users do all business, and you would like to add a shared workspace for marketing materials, press resources, and the like?

JoomGallery is able to enable -- and disable! -- a lot of specific usefulness arising from the general webmaster mandate for a gallery extension, all in granular, admin-controlled ways.

And, of course, it often comes back to that simple, obvious use case -- options for a media community arise, whenever commenting, rating, and pages to spotlight these community footprints as they happen, are all so readily available. 

Things to Know

Mature, Matters

Extension longevity is a critical consideration in selecting between competitors, for anyone who considers their website to be an all-critical or long-term investment. So far, the community has enjoyed several years of JoomGallery popularity, bolstering its development, and virtually guaranteeing a legacy for the software, and always a way forward for its users. 

Doesn't Exactly Dress Itself

JoomGallery leaves some things to be desired in the looks department, when you first install it and place it into your front-end. Much of this can be covered with options, the rest with standard web designer tactics. That latter, is made simpler via an admin tool for managing gallery-specific CSS.

A Stable Choice

People online, demand pictures - to both see, and share them. If anything in open source is too big to fail, it's well-loved, and stable, gallery publishing software. On that simple mandate to exist, JoomGallery might never fade away. 

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