Kunena Forum Help Service

Kunena Forum Help Service

Kunena Forum is the current gold standard, among open source Joomla forum components, and a pearl of the Joomla ecosystem. It's a fork of an older project, which was also well-loved in its time. Kunena's team is known for fast deployment of bug-fixes and security patches (which, incidentally, is a very good reason to be conservative, and not divorce its templates from updates).

JED Page Communication \ Forum \ Kunena
Homepage www.kunena.org
Documentation .../docs
Download .../download
Joomla Versions 2.5 and 3.x
One-Click Updates Yes

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Why Kunena Stands Out

Kunena is feature-rich enough to enable the multitude of creative use-cases the Internet has come to demand of forum software.

For example, I experimented with using another extension, Content Builder, to create a prototype trouble ticket system -- but, after eight-plus hours of slow and halting progress, I pushed it aside, and turned to Kunena. I soon had worked out a process to create secured, organized, self-moderated, pretty-URL'd, prototype help-desks for a new customer in mere minutes.

Like so many cases of sending forum software to do X's job, it wasn't a perfect fit, but I was done with the vital parameters so quickly I had to laugh. After all these years, Kunena is one extension which has matured to a point where it just works.

In the case of sending Kunena to do forum software's job, users of vBulletin and its paid ilk may notice slight imperfections. For example, open source image processing code written by volunteers sometimes butchers animated avatars and highly refined images generally, in service of avoiding CPU lockups such as plague other extensions. In other words, as with any open source pearl, the available flaws are one reason to emphasize specifics of intended use, as a factor of Kunena's suitability for any one site. As of late 2013 / early 2014, they are reachable, if efficiently so, on their own forums.

Things to Know

Style vs Security

Put on your nerd glasses unless you like risk.

In any part of Joomla, there is only so much extent to which you can separate layout from heavier code. Code has to fill the template's layout, which means there's PHP code in the layout - code which is potentially subject to security updates.

For this reason, I recommend convincing your designers that you can achieve all your custom style needs for Kunena's features, via CSS alone. Use a stock Kunena Forum template, one bundled with the extension, and override its CSS. Its emoticons and other images, of course, are also disposable.

Doing this means your Kunena template stays covered by security updates via the one-click extension update system - highly recommended!

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