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Xmap was a reliable way to generate multiple kinds of sitemaps for a very long time. However, it has been discontinued by its author. The most popular replacement is OSMap by Alledia. OSMap is a "fork" of Xmap, which has made it very easy for OSMap to maintain backwards compatibility for Xmap's users. 

OSMap, like Xmap before it, creates XML sitemaps, which are used by search engines as their guide to indexing your site; and, also makes HTML sitemaps, used occasionally by people who need an alternative to (or don't understand, or don't like) a site's native navigation scheme. OSMap also includes sitemaps specifically formatted to aid indexing by news-search and image-search engines.

Other options also exist; I don't recommend them, but I can help you with them.

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Why You Need a Sitemaps Solution

The two primary sitemap types - HTML, and basic XML - greatly affect how search engines view your site. An HTML sitemap is a basic point of user accessibility; search engines penalize for missing accessibility points. The XML sitemap is a quick reference point used by search engines, as a guide to which parts of your site are new, and how often each existing part of your site, gets updated. A correctly-configured sitemap gets your fresh content into the search indexes faster, and gives you a little extra control in how search engines present your site.

Things to Know

Low Maintenance

After you add content to your site, OSMap will usually be fully up-to-date, with no more effort on your part than cache-clearing. At most, you may need to update settings in the specific sitemap, via OSMap's admin component.

Don't Forget Style!

Few extensions fit every template right out of the box. Automated sitemap extensions usually need at least some style tweaking, to match typography and for better readability.

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