Joomla Kit Installation & Setup Service

Joomla Kit Installation & Setup Service

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To all you marketers, organizers, operators, freelancers,
plus anyone who needs to collect contact info onlineor learn Joomla hands-on& start using it right now...

announcing my first Joomla kit:



The 1A Landing Page Kit

The Landing-Star landing page template, filled out with sample content

This Joomla kit is designed to launch, after a quick deployment process, into an attractive and functional landing page. Capture contact data from leads and encourage word of mouth via social media. Fully curate the landing page, hands-on, without getting lost in Joomla's complexities. Best of all, the manuals help beginner, intermediate, and expert users alike to find all the features, without getting distracted.

The 1A Landing Page kit has all the features a landing page needs to succeed:

  • Easy to use: Click a simple map of your landing page to edit the text in each slot.
  • Collect data: Leads can enter name, phone, and email address data via a form.
  • Social media power: Visitors can share to six major social networks with a click.
  • Media support: Use video, control social media previews, put headshots on testimonials.
  • Responsive: Beautiful on virtually every device & browser made in the past decade!
  • Two manuals: From power users to complete noobs; from teams with advanced work-flows, to solo operators; anyone can get started right away by reading these focused, friendly manuals (perhaps after some help to install and setup).

The 1A Landing Page kit offers these additional benefits:

  • With practice, this ready-to-go kit can be launched and finalized in fifteen minutes!
  • Data captured from visitors, is sent via email, and stored in a database.
  • Specific control over images used when the landing page is shared on social media.
  • Built on stock Joomla 3, plus extensions, and standard practices; it's safe to update.
  • Let staff write your copy using a ready-to-go staff account with tightly limited access.

Do you want to see it in action?

Of course you do -- so here's a link to the live demo!


Install & setup: intro price $65


Download & install it yourself for free: Downloads

Hire me to handle your installation and setup, and:

  • I'll consult you for your details, then get your landing page up right away!
  • No learning curve -- nothing between you and launching your landing page on time!
  • You pay a super-low introductory price -- only $10 more than my bare-bones Joomla installation! What?!
  • Covers all the bases -- read on! I'll tell you exactly what ingredients to have before you buy!

I'm releasing everything relating to the 1A Landing Page kit as a free download - even the manuals. As work for hire, I'd have charged thousands of dollars for developing this custom Joomla implementation. I could have ransomed the manuals; but releasing this kit for free, means I'm helping more people understand and use Joomla, than ever before! If you've always had trouble understanding Joomla's paradigm and can't get any traction, I've assembled a kit with the features almost everyone needs, at one point or another. All that, plus a pair of manuals more focused, more task-specific, more friendly to beginners, than you can imagine for free - and it is, indeed, all free!

1A Landing Page Owner/Operator's Manual - it's a free download! 1A Landing Page Owner/Operator's Manual - it's a free download!

For those of you working on a "free or forget it" budget...

I understand! I also understand that installing Joomla yourself can be a barrier for some who've never been behind the curtain of web tech.

I like to help those who can't afford my fees; and this kit was built on tools with licenses allowing me to redistribute. But, even when it comes to installing this kit, I CAN'T give personal attention for free -- there's nowhere near enough time, and how would I pay the bills?

But if you teach someone to fish...

The manuals, and the kit generally, are my way to help you, even if you need my help for free. Installing and setting up the 1A Landing Page kit is almost identical to installing Joomla normally. Installing Joomla, the bare-bones process, is pretty easy, after you overcome the feeling that web tech tasks are foreign things only done by wizards.

There are extra steps to activate all the features in this kit after you complete the installer; if you don't complete the extra steps, you'll embarrass yourself. See the 1A Landing Page Installation Checklist, among the other downloads, to avoid that terrible fate. My advice to those who've never done this before: take it slow and read carefully; and if you need help for free, ask the nice people at the official Joomla! Forum.

But if you don't have time for that, or you have more money than time, hire me to install or customize this landing page implementation for you!

Install & setup: intro price $65


Download & install it yourself for free: Downloads

You probably have a long list of must-do marketing steps. You'd prefer that list get done with minimal difficulty. This landing page kit lets you begin collecting data and generating interest for your project, immediately.

You will need the following ingredients to fill-out the 1A Landing Page to its fullest potential:

  • An image or video of aspect ratio 3:2 to kick off the page.
  • Three other images to attach when someone shares the page; suggested sizes 735x735, 600x315, and 458x239.
  • Two, very brief testimonial quotes, with optional low-resolution headshots.
  • Headline and follow-up above the fold.
  • Headline and follow-up for lead collection box.
  • Features headline, follow-up, and four highlights.
  • Six benefits with one-word title plus follow-up.
  • Two reinforcement texts.
  • SEO texts: HTML title, and META keywords and description

For $150 extra, I'll write all that for you, I'll help you herd all the right media, and I'll do your data entry, all after a short consultation.

And, for an additional fee, I'll also install and integrate Piwik web analytics! Know where on the web and where in the world your traffic is coming from; track across all vectors such as device, time and day, repeat visitor profile, and more. Visualize aggregate data using the graph of your choice. Skip Google for web stats and run them in-house. I personally think Piwik is superior to Google Analytics, and faster! One installation covers as many sites as you care to attach.

Install & setup: intro price $65


Download & install it yourself for free: Downloads

If you're ready to go, and you need my help, use the Buy Now button above; after that, get in touch via my contact form, and we'll get started! Of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask before you buy!


© 2018 Nathan Hawks

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