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Freelance Joomla Tech Support

If you need freelance help to build, install, troubleshoot, move, improve, override, or extend a Joomla site, I provide those tech support services, and more.

Why Hire Me?

Reason #1: Experienced

My rating is 4.9 out of 5, and I have rave reviews.

Verifiable history of attention to detail and quality of service. I've been working with the web for more than 20 years; with Joomla its entire existence; and IT since early childhood.

You can verify my old reputation.

Reason #2: Proven

You need only look around the web, to verify my Joomla expertise.

Verifiable Joomla volunteerism for all kinds of issues. Per custom, I've given countless hours of volunteer support at and other sites in the Joomla community.

Search the Joomla forums for "thanks NathanHawks" via Google.

Reason #3: Honest

Warning: Unfiltered and intense.

I'm to busy to sugar-coat my advice. I'll tell you the truth; I won't smother you in PR lines, and I won't string you along. I want your job done -- I have my own projects!

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Reason #4: Hilarious

Try me because when you hear Joomla is "easy to use" you feel like you need a drink. Keep coming back because the last time you tried fixing it, you broke three other things.

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What Joomla Services Do I Offer?

Web technology is a complex topic, but I'm good at boiling things down:

Site Build-Out

If you've picked Joomla but you and your staff aren't qualified to handle the work-load of using it to build your website, I can be hired to develop your vision and get it online. Whether you simply need Joomla installed and ready to work, or a more robust plan requiring consultation, I'll do it right, at a fair price.


Task Lists

Similar to troubleshooting except the only trouble comes from procrastination and learning curves. Sometimes you want things done faster than you can learn how to do them correctly. If you just can't clear your Joomla website checklist soon enough on your own, tap me. I'll handle things quickly at a competitive rate.


Help with Extensions

From choosing them, to using them, each Joomla extension comes with its own challenges. As with every other aspect of running a Joomla site, some customers don't have time to DIY - if you need a feature added to your site, or know which extension your site needs and what it needs to accomplish for you, I can often help.



My most popular service: You've got problems, I've got skills. Whether you've created a minor glitch, or you think you've been hacked, you can hire me to do your website's to-do list. My range of skills come from a background as both a professional and hobbyist LAMP developer - the same job titles as the Joomla developers themselves!


Related Services

Joomla doesn't exist in a vacuum. Sure, you can install extensions into it, but don't forget: there's a whole world wide web of free technology, which can be remixed in useful ways. Maybe you'd like to run your own stats/analytics server, or ads server; or perhaps you can benefit from a tune-up or speed boost. If you don't see what you need, write to ask if I can do it!


Moving Your Site

Are you ready for a new web host? I can move your Joomla site to a new host. If your host migration involves other related tasks as well, such as transferring email accounts or other web applications, I can do that too. In fact, if the whole process is just too much, you can simply make the relevant purchases, give me the needed access, and leave everything else to me!


What Is Joomla?

Joomla is a CMS, or content management system. A CMS is a web publishing platform which lets you manage your website as if your website had its own point-and-click operating system. Like an OS, a CMS has many different control panels and built-in apps, and the ability to install new features.

In total, a CMS like Joomla arranges many tools at your disposal, for building, and even automating, a web site.

Joomla vs Other Top Free Platforms

At a basic level, any CMS can be fed content, told how to present it, and told how to behave. Rules such as who can access what, who can write or edit for your site, and who can help you run which parts of it, are all fairly standard CMS features.

Joomla takes maturity of control to the next level with power tools for every kind of user, the ability to make highly granular custom access control schemes, and a default toolbox with truly enough breadth and depth to launch almost any site.

All this is managed via the unified Joomla Administrator, instead of cryptic code or cobbled-together scripts.

In competitive terms, Joomla and Wordpress are the top tier; Drupal gains popularity but remains more kit than site; Mediawiki, too, is its own animal, but still popular. At the highest level, Joomla is distinguished from its top alternatives by these main pros and cons:

  • More power than Wordpress; less technical to run than Drupal
  • Avoid problems by never hacking core files to add features
  • Handles more tasks overall than Wordpress or MediaWiki
  • More general-purpose uses than Wordpress or MediaWiki
  • Hard early learning curve soon eases via Joomla's consistency

More Joomla Pros and Cons

This is by no means comprehensive, but it captures some of the top factors affecting decisions on whether, and how, to use Joomla:

  • Pro: Enterprise-ready web publishing powerhouse
  • Pro: Costs no money except when hiring help
  • Con: Only time, effort, and dedication prevents all costs
  • Pro: Admins get extreme flexibility and power
  • Pro: No code editing required except in very advanced tasks
  • Pro: Huge user base provides volunteer support
  • Pro: Mature project is nearly 10 years old
  • Con: Some bundled features are very basic
  • Con: Some features, while complete, lack flexibility
  • Pro: Most core/bundled features can be replaced/disabled
  • Pro: Large extensions marketplace with many diverse options
  • Pro: Many excellent extensions are free & open source
  • Pro: Multilingual support, pretty URLs & SEO essentials, basic speed features, and much more, all built-in
  • Pro: Prioritizes modern best practices via web standards
  • Con: Can be a moving target for those learning the ropes
  • Con: Regular update of Joomla and its add-ons is crucial
  • Con: Complex app made by volunteers; new bugs found often
  • Pro: High-priority bugs fixed on a timely basis
  • Pro: One-click update system for Joomla core and extensions
  • Con: No alerts when extensions lack one-click update support
  • Pro: Manual update of core and extensions is a minor chore
  • Pro: Trusted by many high-profile sites and institutions

Note: Updates are necessary for any CMS or other software-driven web platform. They add new ways of controlling your website via the web. This means software security is an issue. Since software security is a constant arms race, the software must be kept up-to-date so your site will remain defended against each season's new hacks. This is true of all websites depending on anything more advanced than static documents.

What's Next?

You might like to continue by reading about my catch-all General Support Service, which explains pricing for everything under my "Joomla Services" umbrella.

If you have other questions, or you're ready to hire my services, let's talk about the details, work out an estimate, and begin.

Thanks for helping keep my other projects (and my body) alive!

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