Joomla Migration Services

Joomla Migration Services

✈✹Here are the services which have me ✈ moving your Joomla web site to new hosting and/or ✹ upgrading Joomla to a newer series.

Do you need:
  ☑   a ✈ host migration,
  ☑   a ✹ version migration,
  ☑   or ✈✹ both?

Two Meanings to "Migration"

"Migration" means two different things, with software generally and Joomla specifically. I'll be as clear as I can, by sticking to this standard:

A ✹ sun icon indicates a Version Migration. It's a new day if you're getting a ✹ software update for Joomla and your extensions!

The ✈ airplane icon indicates a Host Migration. We'll be taking off and landing, if you want me to ✈ move your site from one host to another.

Why the overlap in verbiage?

Moving any website to a new host has always been called a migration. And now, in Joomla parlance, the upgrades from Joomla 1.5 to 1.7/2.5, and from Joomla 2.5 to 3.x, are both also called migrations (a mini-migration, in the latter case).

This word-choice was made by the Joomla team to signify that these version gaps represent gaps in backwards compatibility -- or, at least, to indicate that each "series" of Joomla is a distinct product from the others.

As such, "migration" again became an appropriate word choice. Moving from one software platform to another has also always been called a migration.

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