Legacy Joomla Host and Version Migration to 3.X Service

✈✹ Legacy Joomla Host and Version Migration to 3.X Service

This service combines the 2.5 and 3.X version upgrades and host migration. Choose this service if you are migrating directly from Joomla 1.X to Joomla 3.X and also moving your site to a new web host.

Since the version migration requires off-site development and redeployment anyway, you save money compared to buying separate services; a nominal portion of the service cost relates to the host migration (to handle familiarizing myself with the new host, receiving/verifying new hosting information, etc). You also save money by combining two version upgrade services!

You save 6% by combining services:

Service Normal
You Pay
2.5 Version Migration $505 $505
3.X Version Migration $305 $275
Host Migration $105 $80
Total $915 $860
Total Savings $55 (6%)

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Legacy Joomla Host and Version
Migration to 3.X

$860 USD



Service Includes:

  • Perform site backup
  • Upgrade from Joomla 1.X to 3.X
  • Upgrade available extensions
  • Basic template upgrade
  • Deploy upgraded site to new host

Does Not Include:

  • SSL Certificate Set-up
  • Migration to Self-Managed VPS (contact for details)

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