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Joomla Site Hack Forensics & Repair/Recovery Service  

The more popular a web app is, the harder people will work to hack it. Since Joomla is a top-tier open source platform, this means there's no end of shadowy efforts to find and exploit security holes. While simply keeping your Joomla site up-to-date prevents nearly-all of these problems, it's understandable that many entrepreneurs overlook Joomla updates.

Clients using Joomla 2.5 or newer can hire me to perform forensics and recovery to discover how your site was compromised, and restore the site to its former glory. However, I am not a security expert, and some situations will, inevitably, be beyond my capacity. Consider me a first-tier responder; if I am unable to completely fix the site, there are still ways I can help, and if you've been taking fairly-regular backups of your files and database, it's quite possible that a re-installation of those backups, will suffice.

If we have never been in contact before, it is strongly advised we discuss the details of your site and its situation before you buy. Click here for my contact form.

Ready to Buy? I will email you ASAP, but realistically I can only promise it will be within 24 hours of receiving payment. ASAP, we will exchange contact information, and I will get the full story, and begin work. Completion of work may take more than 24-48 hours depending on availability and complexity of the hack, but same-day service is more common.

How many hours?
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Buy one (1) Joomla Site Hack Forensics & Repair/Recovery:
$205 and up


Service Includes:

  • General vulnerability assessment
  • Recommendations and action to handle found issues
  • Detection and removal of hack mechanism
  • Log file analysis, if available
  • Specific infection method inoculation, if possible
  • Specific exploit research and recovery
  • Restoring modified files to original state
  • Database backup comparisons (if available)
  • Joomla platform update (within same series)
  • Quarantine or removal of malicious files
  • Full report of research results
  • Full report of recovery steps taken
  • Recommendations for further steps

Does Not Include:

  • Guarantee of complete success*
  • Ongoing monitoring or update service
  • Site rebuild (when backups aren't available)
  • Time travel or magic

*Why Complete Success Isn't Guaranteed for Joomla Recovery Service
New exploits are always possible, and unfortunately, inexperienced site administrators can leave a Joomla site ripe for the hacking. Because I am not a security expert, and because vulnerabilities can multiply as new templates and extensions are added to your site, it's possible that your attacker's techniques are above my pay grade. However, even in these cases, you get an important benefit from my service: the reports I'll provide will be useful to your next-tier responder, and my time will cost far less than the time a Joomla security expert would spend, doing the first-tier troubleshooting steps.

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