Database Optimization Service

Web apps experience server overhead in ways websites woven of flat HTML files won't -- it's a simple fact of the features. If your website grinds to a halt, you can hire me to optimize the databases attached to your web apps for faster performance.

Database Optimization Service

This service can dramatically improve the performance speed of websites built with most web apps.

Web apps experience server overhead in ways websites woven of flat HTML files won't -- it's a simple fact of the features. This server overhead usually includes database interaction.

The structures of those databases can often be optimized for faster web app performance.

Please note this service must never be performed on databases created by Joomla or Drupal. Those apps require exclusive control over their databases. However, other apps installed alongside Drupal or Joomla may be eligible.

It may be safe to perform database optimization on your custom form created using a Joomla extension. Ask for a free consultation to determine whether it's safe to do so in your case - my findings will give me something to blog about.

Why Database Optimization?

Database optimization can become necessary for reasons such as:

  • Built-in optimizations normally added by the app itself can be lost via manual maintenance work such as manual backup restoration or altering the database with phpMyAdmin.
  • A Joomla extension or other lump of code authored by a beginner will often lack optimization.

Are There Any Risks?

Some. A few web apps such as Drupal and Joomla will modify database structures during software updates and other procedures. The optimizations can be safely removed at that stage, but any questions about whether the app will recover cleanly afterward are up to the app's developer. Always take full backups, created with specialty backup tools specific to each web app, before performing updates. If you're uncertain, get an expert to make sure you have database backups.

However, if your software is stable and you typically go years between updates, think of the benefits of your website being faster every day between those updates!

What are the Benefits?

Speed and longevity.

Does your intranet suite or custom search take several minutes to load certain pages or views? Database optimization service usually solves that. For the trade-off of database size, this service usually improves sluggish load speeds from minutes to seconds. The results shine most on your slowest pages. 

With the exception of size concerns, some databases can also be more stable after this optimization service is performed. 


You must understand the following before purchasing this service.

Database-Only Service

Note: this service does not include changes to the codes, scripts, or apps which interface with this database. Those changes are not usually necessary; I will determine compatibility to the best of my ability before beginning the upgrade.

Results are As-Is

Be warned that this is a very low-price service intended for customers whose databases are referenced by only one app. I will need access to the full source code for any app referencing the database to be optimized, before beginning optimization, in order to determine compatibility. If information is withheld, such as upgrade plans or additional database-facing apps, the client is responsible for costs to roll back the changes, recover data, and so forth. 

Wordpress, and custom apps written by freelancers for your small/medium business, are almost always able to benefit from this service.

Code Revisions Available for Select Projects

If your database app needs a bit of work, and if it's written in PHP or Java, I may be interested and able to help. It depends on my workload at the moment and the details of the project.

Re: Joomla and Drupal, To Reiterate

It is not safe to optimize the core database tables for Joomla or Drupal. However, if an extension is slowing your site down, this service may be appropriate.

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