Live Chat Integration Service

Many of your prospective clients would rather chat in text when they have questions, instead of call you. Live chat is easier to achieve and use than you think. I can install a live chat system on your website.

Live Chat Integration Service

You have a potential customer, but they can't find the answer to a question. If contacting you isn't convenient enough, you'll lose that sale.

Maybe it makes sense in your business to list a phone number on every page of your website; maybe not. Maybe you publish your email addresses or a contact form; maybe not.

But for some buyers, none of that matters. This prospective buyer doesn't want to call around; it's much faster and easier for them to type a question, and copy-paste it into a multitude of chat boxes. It's a very efficient way to comparison shop.

If your business doesn't offer live chat, you'll lose that sale.

Even small and medium businesses can benefit from a live chat box on their website. If you, or someone in your staff, sits at a computer responding to inquiries all day, live chat can definitely work for you. Even if nobody in your business can chain themselves down to a desk like that, live chat still may work for you -- because of course the person staffing your live chat box can work via mobile app!

There's No Reason to Wait

The industry for live chat widgets is currently in a sunrise phase. Providers are reaching out to a new marketplace they forged, making offers which have never existed before. It might never again be this easy or inexpensive to harness these benefits:

Fast Track to the Next Level 

The prestige of offering live chat can't be overstated. Do your competitors offer live chat? Chances are very good the answer is a resounding "nope!" 

Just by reading this, you're putting yourself in an advantaged position. How? Because adding live chat to your website is both easy and inexpensive -- but most people don't know that yet!

Be At Your Market's Beck and Call

The customer who wants to buy something right now is every business owner's dream. A quick, professional response via live chat is an unmistakable sign of commitment to your customers. 

When a visitor to your website sees a little chat widget which says your reps are on-duty and available right now, it doesn't matter whether that visitor means to ever use that chat box. They're impressed. Any anxieties they had about investing their time to consider your offer just melted away. The buyer might even feel pressure to engage the purchasing decision more earnestly -- they want to think of their questions now, before your support staff goes offline.

At Your Help Desk, the Desk is Optional

If you do have a full-time customer service rep or secretary, live chat can become a hyper-productive way to communicate with your market. Common responses can be entered as boilerplate texts, and are always a click away. People can send you files. You can even draw someone a picture in the middle of a chat, right in the chat box!

Alternatively, there's the mobile app. If you're already accustomed to the voice dictation feature on your smartphone or tablet, then staffing live chat becomes as convenient as taking phone calls. Plus, you won't be forced to choose between including your secretary in meetings, versus keeping an agent signed into chat -- the mobile app gives you a third alternative.

Contact me to discuss integrating a live chat system on any kind of website!

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