Piwik Analytics Help Service

I can install and configure Piwik, the excellent, free, open source web analytics program, and integrate it with your websites.

Piwik Analytics Installation & Setup Service

I can install and configure Piwik, the excellent, free, open source web analytics program, and integrate it with your websites.

Piwik screenshots in perspective

Piwik is compatible with almost everything -- Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, regular HTML, and more -- and works by adding a simple JavaScript snippet. You will never miss your old web stats solution. Piwik can track custom conversions using a variety of triggers, and will even estimate your revenue if you attach accurate average amounts to each conversion action. 

And, as you can see, the interface is instantly informative, and is absolutely eye candy.

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Unlike Google Analytics -- which you'll never get any use out of, because you'll never understand its arcane fixation with full-throttle marketing-speak -- Piwik gives you the business intelligence you need, quickly and clearly.

What You'll Know Thanks to Piwik


  • Conservative length of visit; counts span from first to last interaction
  • Easily visualize any user's click-path and time spent on each page
  • See top entry pages, times of day, days of week, & average visit duration
  • Script-blocker workaround loses some data but reveals more visits


  • Location, past visits & conversions, traffic source, & average page speed
  • OS & browser, device & display size, & internet connection provider
  • Return frequency, time between return visits, pages per visit & more
  • Collate with other tracking data by matching IP address & time of visit


  • Profile traffic sources with precision & compare retention rates instantly
  • See your search ranking position when users find your site via search
  • Note: Search engines sometimes obscure keywords, citing user privacy


  • Small data footprint: just a JavaScript file and a quick AJAX call, or a single, invisible image.
  • Since it's hosted on your server, your website won't grind to a halt mid-rendering as it competes for attention from a third-party analytics service with millions of users per second


  • Add, remove, & drag-drop the widget-sized reports you need & turn your dashboard into a command center
  • Managers can build dashboards & copy them to team members' accounts
  • See any report as bar, pie, or line graphs, export any report as CSV, and view old reports right in the dashboard


  • Hosting analytics yourself means total control over your data, including who can access it
  • With Piwik installed, you can even host web analytics for your clients' websites!
  • Need to modify your analytics platform, or integrate it deeply into your CMS? Good luck doing that with anything hosted by a 3rd party!

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