Twitter Integration Services

Depending on your target market, Twitter can be an important business tool. I offer 3 freelance web tech services which each improve the relationship between your website & Twitter's in different ways: cards enhancement, feed integration, and "Tweet This" buttons.

Twitter Integration Services

Twitter is one of very few social media brands rivaling Facebook in reach. Depending on your target market, Twitter can actually be more important to your business than Facebook.

Maybe you use Twitter yourself and understand it well. Maybe you've sworn you'll never personally touch Twitter or go anywhere near it. But even if you're in that latter category, word of mouth is still valuable to any business.

There are three main ways to enhance your website with respect to Twitter. Each is a separate service:

  1. Twitter Cards Enhancement: By providing certain data on your website, you can enhance the way Twitter presents links to your website.
  2. Twitter Feed Integration: If your business has its own Twitter account, you can broaden the reach of that activity by embedding it onto your website.
  3. Twitter "Tweet This" Button: Your website can make it easier for your fans to evangelize about your products, services, and campaigns via Twitter.

Twitter Cards Enhancement Service

Here are a few words worth of free consultation: out of these services, Cards Enhancement is the one every website needs. Here's why:

Play Your Cards Right

Nothing says "click me" like exciting headlines, compelling photos, videos, and the perfect enticement blurb. Normally, when people share links on Twitter, it's just that -- a link. After I enhance your website, however, your links will become something more.

Before Twitter shows a link to its users, it checks the link for certain data. If that data is found, Twitter constructs a "card" for that link - a professional-looking block of content showing your idea of exactly why people should click that link.

People sharing your website on Twitter can still say whatever they like, but you'll be there too, with your best foot forward.

Put Your Words into Everyone's Mouth

Love social media or hate it, these services offer something businesses have always longed for, fantasized about, sought after, and even connived to accomplish: control over even a few of the details in that word-of-mouth arena.

It's worth saying twice: by giving Twitter the data it needs to present links to your website the way you prefer, you effectively slip your own mini-presentation into every discussion about your website!

Twitter Feed Integration Service

Net two benefits for one action by issuing news and announcements via Twitter. The content will appear both in your followers' timelines, and on your website.

Type Once, Publish Twice

There could hardly be a faster way to add a small update to your website than by tweeting it. Site visitors who use Twitter themselves will be able to follow your Twitter account directly from your website. People who've never even heard of Twitter can still see your most recent tweets when they visit your website.

This can actually be crucial, and infinitely more useful than using Twitter alone. People follow you, but they're also following many others; your update can quickly get lost in the flood, no matter how often you repeat yourself. Your loyal base will be more likely to see your updates after you embed your Twitter feed on your website.

More Useful Than You May Think

Do you plan on using Twitter Feed Integration service in combination with Twitter Cards Enhancement? Do you plan on keeping your tweeting down to a bare minimum, simply pushing an update when you post new content? Well, with that combination in place, you've just built yourself a deluxe "latest updates" menu!

Does your business have a reputation for being community-minded? Go another extra mile with ease -- create a Twitter feed where you put the spotlight on others in your community, and make that feed the focus of a special page on your website!

Twitter "Tweet This" Button Setup Service

Social media users can be fickle. Don't lose word of mouth just because it takes people more than a few seconds to share your website. You can even help them decide what to say about you, by suggesting a blurb for their tweet.

The Easy Ways

There are two "catch-all" versions of this service. The simpler option links only to your homepage or another page you specify; this can be part of your website's header or footer. Only slightly more complex is the option which shares the current page; this usually appears at the top and/or bottom of the "main body" of each page. Clicking it shares a link to that specific page of your website, whatever that page may be.

The Better Way

I may be able to fit your web publishing platform with an enhancement which makes it easy for you to tailor the blurb for each page. This means you can suggest a specific blurb, instead of a general one. Example blurbs will illustrate this best:

  • The Easy Way needs one general blurb which fits every page of your website: "Slogan harder with XYZ Brands! (link)"
  • The Better Way means you enter blurbs specific to each page: "XYZ Brands enhances its website for Twitter (link)"

Contact me to begin a consultation about any combination of these services!

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