Web Video Publishing Service

Are you getting frustrated with putting video on your website? It really should be easier! And it will be easier, someday. Until then, you might need my web video publishing service.

Web Video Publishing Service

Are you getting frustrated with putting video on your website? It really should be easier! And it will be easier, someday. Until then, you might need my web video publishing service.

I can help you get past the snags created by your web authoring software. I can also ensure the video is playable on as many platforms and browsers as possible.

But this offer goes beyond tech support service in the troubleshooting sense. I can do any mix of the following:

  • Upload your video(s) to YouTube and/or other video publishing websites
  • Add a custom video thumbnail to increase your viewer numbers
  • Write effective descriptions which entice viewership and sharing
  • Add video annotations on platforms which support them, if useful
  • Leverage platform features such as hashtags and keywords to increase reach
  • Embed the video(s) on your website(s) per your instructions
  • Use methods of embedding compatible with a greater number of devices and browsers

Sure, you can do it yourself. But we both know you don't want to.

Here's why that's the most apt title for detailing the benefits of this service:

Marathon or Relay; Your Choice

Anyone who's ever produced a video they're proud of, knows it can be a grueling, time-consuming task. The viewer's every perception is at your whim... but only if you have a video production team who can finish the work on time. For the rest of us, a dozen cool ideas can slide off the to-do list, for every one editing trick which finds its way into the final production.

When the video creation act is finally finished, there comes a question: because in order to properly publish that video, you have several hours more work to do. Would you rather cap off your excitement by staring at yet another series of progress bars and haggle with a whole new list of details? Or would you rather pass the torch, and let someone else carry your video to the finish line?

Even Easy Jobs Have Learning Curves

Yes, it's easy to upload a video to YouTube. It's easy to add keywords. On a basic descriptive level, it might even be easier for you to describe your video, than it will be for me! 

But letting aside tactics on making the most of your time during a lengthy process, there's both an art and a science in finding currently-trending keywords. The same goes for crafting custom video thumbnails. And there are always procedural "gotchas" in any tech task long enough. Each task alone might be easy, but it's even easier to miss out on critical synergy by underestimating the significance of a step or being unaware of its caveats.

Easy May Be an Option

Your web publishing platform -- assuming you use one -- can probably accept extensions, plugins, or addons of some kind. If you'd rather self-publish, I can help set you up with the proper tools, and integrate them with your existing workflow.

You know what they say about getting anything done. You can typically pick two (done cheap, done quickly, and done right). These CMS-plugin solutions for video publishing tend to exist in all combinations of those three.

Contact me if you need help with any stage of publishing videos on the web.

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