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With my freelance web tech services, you'll easily speed up your website, leverage video, bring web analytics in-house, look amazing on Twitter, and add live chat for phone-shy clients.

I offer this extended array of web-related services:

Stats Slowing Your Website Down?

240x240-Ambox_clock_yellow.svg.pngHow do you feel about your current web stats provider? Is your website fast except for that grinding stop when the browser fetches a 3rd-party JavaScript for stats?

You can move stats in-house using a free, open-source (donations-supported!) app called Piwik. The best part? It's easier to use, and understand, than Google Analytics! It's even better looking!

Ready to Leverage Video?

150px-Media-playback-start.svg.pngVideo publishing websites, like YouTube and Vimeo, allow you to do amazing things. Jump into the shallow end correctly, and you can achieve amazing results.

Video is within grasp, but it takes a lot of work to make the final product look good. No matter how user-friendly that movie-making software might be, you can't afford to spend all week on it yourself.

More Web-Related Services

Live Chat at Everyone's Fingertips

Your website's visitors can have you at their fingertips. Your internet-connected representative can answer last-minute requests to keep your sales funnels moving with less hesitation.

Slow Intranet Stumped the IT Team?

Have your programmers solved every problem with your custom software except for that grinding stop that gets worse the more you use it? I may be able to help at a very low price.

I'll Help You "Figure Out That Twitter Thing"

There are a few ways Twitter can help you, and they don't all involve getting dragged into social media. You can enhance your website for better representation with or without embedding a feed or joining the conversation.


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