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Blogging: Blog Writing Services

I can ghostwrite for your blog. Hire me when you need a strong batch of professionally-written content before launching a new blog, or when you need a vacation from your life of Internet fame and success.

Example Blog Posts

With ghostwriting services, I can't show you past jobs; but here are six of the most popular posts on my Joomla Tips blog. (Links will open in a new window.)

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Service: Ghostwriting for Blogs

I have ample experience mimicking or creating a written voice for clients. Does your blog need filler content? I can engage as a copywriter and do my best to mimic your voice based on a small selection of your existing works. 

Service: Ghostwritten Blog Posts by the Batch

This is a very popular service. You may want to have total direction over topics, or merely provide some guidance about topics. For example, many clients provide two lists -- one of names, and another of concepts or angles -- and hire me to merge those lists into pairs and write an article for every combination. 

Buying a batch of blog posts is perfect for launching a new website, or for maintaining readership and search relevance on a successful long-term publication. Being good at SEO writing means being able to please both readers and search spiders at the same time. You may -- or may not -- want to provide lists of keywords and phrases to target, either with the project as a whole, with each article, or both.

How to Engage These Services

Here's the minimum information I need: 

  • Your range of topics, voice, and audience;
  • your budget per post;
  • and your word count guidelines. 

Also helpful: Include a few of your past blog posts which closely resemble your desired results. Choose the samples based on voice and tone, level of factual coverage, and formatting.

Contact me with any questions, or to begin.

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