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Copywriting: General Content Writing Service

Copywriting approaches its peak if the content is sharp and each word breathes a bit of branding. By definition, "attention to detail" is for everything -- even the labels on your app, or the wording of your website's navigation menus. Tell me where you need text and what that text should tug its readers toward. 

Quality web content needn't be an interruption or come with lofty costs: just tap me for copywriting. Every part of your website is worth it!

What I Mean by "Copywriting"

Maybe, for example, you need a "basic website." You know the one:

That Beginner Website

{tab Home}

"You know, about 125-500 words..."


{tab Catalog}

"Something simple, it's our first website..."


{tab Contact}

"...and a map, if you can do that..." 


{tab About}

"...and here's, sort of, my resume..." 



Fleshing out that website, for example, is copywriting work.

You see, much of the Internet's content is copy, in my mind -- even content not overtly crafted in the traditional format of publicity material and ads.

You create value at a website simply by filling it with factual, topical information, and organizing it well. When this is a branded asset which occasionally promotes your products, all that content can quickly be viewed as a promotional job -- as copywriting work.

Why Pay a Freelancer to Write Copy?

Modern copywriting means leveraging, occupying, and growing your brand image. Despite this being a lower-priced service, it's important, and it's important to do it right. 

It seems obvious, and in many ways it is, but that doesn't necessarily translate to easy.

You want to leap on any excuse to add content to your website on a topic relevant to your space. But at the same time, you need to be judicious in method; inflicting too much reading during the wrong during the wrong interactions makes your website feel like a chore and reduces conversion rates.

The content itself can seem banal, but good copy does wonders for your search ranking and your appeal among people who prefer to self-consult before calling for help.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons to hire a freelancer to write your copy is because it's hard to write information that seems extremely basic to you, and to make it sound fresh over and over again. If you're bored when writing, your readers will be bored when reading. Every business website therefore needs the touch of a professional copywriter from time to time -- an outsider who will ask you the questions the general public wants answered, and quickly create context for your visitors as your website expands.

Bare-Bones Content

Copywriting service is distinct from other kinds of writing service. It is text only with minimal formatting. Verbal stylishness is minimal. The content is factual and written as tightly as possible. I strike a balance between completeness and reader fatigue and seek to accomplish conveying some basic message for the passage. The more you show me of how you've successfully conveyed your branding voice, the higher will be the fidelity as I replicate that written voice and style.

One Service, Many Styles of Request

Copywriting is a very flexible and modular service. You may want me to write 500 or 1,000 words each for the pages on your new website's navigation menu. You may "need something but have no idea what" in order to make some part of your website more inviting. You may have a very precise plan with itemized lists of word counts and objectives, mapped to URLs and layout diagrams. I'm ready for all those possibilities and more.

Bigger Copywriting Jobs for Bigger Strategies

A good copywriting strategy makes the content unobtrusive and beneficial. Adding content a bit at a time can work, but that rate of update should be part of the strategy. Simply adding text to a website for the purposes of ranking well on search engines, can alienate users, hurting you in the long term.

With good strategy, you can add a huge bulk of text to your website, and every word of it will add value to the website. With poor planning, you can create reader fatigue and drive people away. 

For example, there are reasons to run a blog, but if none of them apply, don't do it; There are reasons to add a paragraph to a shopping page, but if none of them apply, emphatically do not do it. A skilled copywriter knows where to place calls for action, and when to simply create an experience between your brand and the visitor.

On larger jobs, I'll consult with you to either understand, or help create, the content strategy attached to this batch of copywriting work.

Ready to Begin?

My rates for copywriting service vary by job and availability. Contact me to discuss your project at any time.

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