Media Descriptions Writing Service

Media Descriptions Writing Service

Are you a photographer, videographer, or media publisher? I know: it's not easy to squeeze precise, perfect droplets of text from the massive scope of a media project. 

The more often you publish, the more work it takes to keep a professional, consistent image. Without specific experience in describing media works, it's genuinely taxing -- you'll be tempted to repeat yourself, and just as tempted to skip writing descriptions altogether. 

But there's a catch-22 -- you can't skip media descriptions, nor get lazy, without missing out on vital search relevance and equally vital context for people viewing your media. If it doesn't look like you're romanticizing your work, why should anyone else?

Everything from informative, mood-setting enticements, to dry data, simple synopses, and fun facts about the production, can boost the spread of your creative output.


Each project has a consultation fee and a fee for viewing and writing the media. The review cost depends on the type and size of media. If descriptions for your media require or would benefit from research, a small research fee may also be added. Here are the four costs incurred in these projects:

1. Consultation

As you will see below, there are many variables hidden beneath the image of a simple service. A consultation charge covers communicating to convey your project's vision and decide how I can best capture it into bite sized texts. For the usual starting point, see "Project Types," below.

2(a). Photo Review

Photo description writing services exist in a broad range from crafting basic captions, to cataloging moments of history. See Research, below, if you have questions about anything you believe might complicate the matter of hiring a freelancer to describe your photos. Aside from this, the level of detail, tone, and size of the batch are the main pricing factors.

2(b). Video Review

It isn't always absolutely necessary to watch the entire video; highlight reels and trailers may suffice. Selectivity also allows you to define the focus and tone of the descriptions I'll write for you. See Research, below, for a possible added cost whenever factual contexts are key to understanding your work.

3. Research

Given the broad fields of media covering any given topic, viewers may expect media descriptions to convey the right information to distinguish the piece. Research fees will be added whenever research is necessary to understand a media's topics well enough to present them competently and concisely. 

4. Writing & Editing

Writing happens in phases. This allows me to tighten and rethink the work for better results. Sleep and self-criticism are essential steps in good writing, meaning even simple jobs can be rushed if finished in a single day. You'll be able to provide feedback for steering purposes early in any large batches, and request revisions.

Project Types

The typical use-cases for clients who already know what they want from a media description writing service include:

  • Titles and descriptions: You're publishing directly to the web. Each video, photo, or collection needs to be described in written format before it goes live.
  • Reviews: Whether the media is yours or not, you intend to publish a series of reviews about a range of content - requiring description plus opinion.
  • SEO Writing: Distinct texts are essential in metadata (vs. on the page) and still serve dual roles facing both search algorithms and search users.
  • Marketing bits: Savvy DIY marketers and well-oiled machines can tap me for everything from specific paragraphs, to lists of selling points, and more.

Pictures are worth thousands of words, but media productions only speak for themselves once you have an audience. For everything else, you'll be brainstorming up lists of formats: ad captions, blurbs, commercial scripts, documents for the press, extras for the DVD... all of which you want carried out with artistic gusto, not by in-house people, who may already be spread too thin!

In a world where you need a creative writer on your media publishing project, one freelancer wrote this entire website all by himself! Coming soon after you contact me: An Estimate for Success. Not yet rated.

Project Estimates

With variables this numerous and broad, I think you'll understand that I need to speak with you, rather than attempt a formula to cover every possible mix of project parameters!

Contact me to get started discussing a specific estimate on media description writing services for your project.


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