Product Descriptions Writing Service

Product Descriptions Writing Service

Limited space, limited time. Each word invites readers to an experience -- the experience of owning your products. As works of enticement, product descriptions are peeks into a way of life which foster a nagging awareness that only your products can provide the full experience. This service is perfect for your catalog, e-commerce store, newsletter, social media promotional efforts, and more.

That was an example of my product description writing. Here are a few more:

Household Product Descriptions Writing Service

Everyday words for everyday products. Formal rules optional - add moods and stir. Give the facts purchasing decisions hinge on.

WC Strictness: I expect to meet a low word count limit. (The description of this service, above, fits in a tweet -- with room to spare!)

Style: Short, clear expressions. Distinguishing product features. No room for fluff - it loses people.

Ideal Clients: Anyone selling the sorts of thing most customers will basically already understand.

Pricing: Contact me

Specialty Product Descriptions Writing Service

Common products purchased exclusively by uncommon people: This is sales language with a burden and privilege to assume some reader education.

WC Strictness: Clients typically provide a word count guideline, or a broad range, but specific word counts are not uncommon.

Style: Lifestyle appeal and brand reinforcement can sneak into these catalogs, enhancing basic details with a tone of selectiveness.

Ideal Clients: Specialty importers, suppliers, manufacturers & fabricators; b2b service shops & vendors.

Pricing: Contact me

Niche Product Descriptions Writing Service

Greater research about the product and more points of specificity to cover in the written output are both common when writing descriptions of niche products.

WC Strictness: Clients typically provide a word count guideline, or a broad range, but specific word counts are not uncommon.

Style: Minimal enticement conveys (or reinforces) product qualities to savvy buyers. Specs and specifics; include all details that fit.

Ideal Clients: Inventors; artists; sellers of antique, boutique or collectible items; suppliers for engineering, medical, and similar industries.

Pricing: Contact me

Job Sizes

I can handle virtually any size job - up to thousands of descriptions! To ensure the expected quality of service, please be clear about your deadlines and other specific delivery expectations before purchasing.


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