SEO Writing Services

SEO Writing Services

My website is the #1 organic, third-party result on Google for the phrase "Joomla tech support" (without quotes)... most of the time. Go ahead, check me.

There you are: I suspect I've convinced you of my SEO writing skills. Results speak for themselves.

Clients of this service often haven't bought writing services of any kind before. Those clients often have many questions, such as:

So, You Just Write?

I write and implement text for a technical and usability niche created by the state of the web. Under this umbrella, I also perform a few other basic, related SEO services, if a website needs them. It's the same kit of services I provide myself.

The results? After a major project to establish my website as an authority, I was able to take my hands off all my marketing efforts, for the better part of two years, and maintain search dominance in a competitive space!

I was able to do that for one simple reason: Content is king.

This isn't a fluke. I don't promise #1 ranking, but I can absolutely help you skyrocket in the search charts.

As I mentioned, I also offer coverage for a few other tasks, besides writing and publishing, but they're few.

But How Does This Help Me?

If you're a successful brick and mortar operation, your offers and reputation practically speak for themselves once a prospective buyer reaches your sales pipeline. You've got them on the phone: whether or not they already know about the product, you're closing.

My writing services extend that advantage into today's information-dependent marketplace -- the search engine -- by increasing the organic discovery of your website and the customer-facing value of your website.

The easiest example is the good old FAQ page. When it comes to your field, nobody knows how to whittle a list of Frequently Asked Questions down to the sweet spot quite like you. The questions that buyers ask -- the answers that turn prospects into buyers -- put all that expertise in one place, on your website, and make sure people can find it in search. It's just like a brochure but without the secretarial payroll to hand it out; just like a free consultation, but with one more step of client self-qualification before window-shoppers cut into your productive time.

So, You're Going to Run Ads, Right?

Nope! There's no ad campaign. Ad campaigns have value, but they don't directly add search ranking strength to your site. Ads are also notoriously fickle, and they inevitably evaporate without constant infusions of cash. My service ends with intellectual property in your hands: texts owned by you, posted on your website (some in the source code only, as metadata), broadcast to the search engines. On the internet, especially when dealing with search engines, words are like sidewalks: this service connects more sidewalks to your business, more prominently.

Do I Need to to Become a Writer?

Nope! I'll interview you. If you happen to be an authority or expert in your field, I can help you leverage that voice -- but if you're not an expert, don't worry. If I'm flying solo to supply this content, we'll work together to develop a plan that fits your budget, and I'll keep you in the loop as I work to ensure my output fits your goals.

How Does This Service Work?

It works like this: Search engines work by analyzing written passages. The "O" in SEO stands for "optimization" -- my job is to make your site highly relevant to your field. With my help, even Joe Dropshipper and Jane Deliveryservice can compete on search engine placement.

If you're shopping for SEO writing services, then I presume you have a website. I won't litter it with extraneous text -- invisible or otherwise. The secret to adding SEO value to your website directly is that the search engines secretly know a lot about whether people "liked" your website after they arrived. Spamming keywords everywhere does not achieve this magic result -- but there are many ways to embellish a site with relevant, functional verbiage, which is of benefit to people who need it, and unobtrusive otherwise.

In short, my SEO writing service increases the reach of your website, without fixing what isn't broken.

The most effective content strategy and service package for your SEO goals may hinge on a few factors of your business model and preparedness to personally engage with the service:

  • How much time can you, or a knowledgeable colleague, devote to interfacing with me? I typically need to conduct repeated phases of consultation, interviews, and research; between 2 and 5 phases depending on the scope of both the project's goals, and the prerequisite esoterica.
  • Are you prepared to provide the required reading? This is the prerequisite esoterica. Ideally, you should provide this in some form. Web links, PDFs, or costs to order books are common ways to provide what I'll need to be competent in your field. Otherwise, I can seek sources. 
  • Do you intend to blog, or engage a long term blogging service? Blogs aren't the best solution if you're not a writer and aren't interested in paying one for updates. Don't worry, there are many other formats to present your expertise via the written word, both on your website and other sites.
  • Do you have some strategy elements in mind? You know your field and may have surveyed the competition's online offerings. You might be the best person to lay out the framework of your content strategy. It's not rocket science: you give people what they need to know in an organized, readable way.

However, at its core, this is a very straightforward service consisting of three phases:

  • Consult to gather your current status, budget, and goals
  • Work to achieve all the goals, with your oversight as needed
  • Implement by adding texts to the website and notifying search engines

Roughly speaking, there are three types of service:

  • Basic: Leave the website alone except to add metadata needed for SEO; notify search engines.
  • Full Pass: Basic plus "text sprucing" throughout the site: edit for grammar & spelling; tighten and tidy; and improve keyword use.
  • Redo: Your website will be rewritten for tone & audience targeting, image, and SEO performance; plus Basic service.

Contact me anytime you're ready to discuss your SEO needs.

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