Social Media Writing Services

Social Media Writing Services

Social media is powerful, but social media strategy is a little arcane. The "perfect fit" scenarios for using social media are simple enough; allow me to briefly explain social media strategy in a nutshell:

  1. You want to have public interactions. Correct use of this strategy creates constant, steady buzz. Establish and maintain your brand directly by engaging in positive chat in public spaces. Imagine it, because it happens every day: even the most unpleasant customer encounters can be powerful testaments in your favor, once mended. Mingle successfully with your customers for any mix of business and pleasure, and you'll foster a deeper level of fondness toward your brand.
  2. You want to issue updates and announcements. This can be any mix of coupons, sales flyers, news about your business, or more creative acts of contact, such as infographics, or branded, bite-sized entertainment such as clever ads or relevant memes. When you issue content of this nature exclusively on social media, it provides incentives for customers to demonstrate their interest in your brand publicly, by subscribing to your social media accounts.

If you have a variety of different audiences you want to reach via social media, you can staff separate channels for each audience.

Note: In addition to writing, I can help integrate social media into your website. That's more mileage from your social media efforts; for example, the content you post to social media can appear on your website. See my general web services for more information.


Here are the kinds of content I can provide.

News & Updates

Typical written content crunched down to fit with room for a web link, isn't always easy, especially with nuance and style. On many platforms, it's crucial to squeeze relevant hashtags to attract new followers, which research on the spot. The content needs to entice and, ideally, also inform; and, it needs to be repeated regularly -- often enough to reach a fairly broad audience. 


I can create graphical coupons and distribute them via your social media accounts.

Memes and Other Graphics

I can use various media including your photos, stock images, public domain graphics, or even cartoon drawings I'll create for you. By simply presenting images, or overlaying images with text in some format, your brand can be seen as clever, observant, or simply honest. Efforts like these represent your brand as being on social media with intentions of contributing to the conversation, which is key to gaining any traction.


Social media loves a good infographic. I can convert your reports or other sources of information into an infographic to leverage existing narratives or craft a message of your choice.


Here are the ways you can engage me for social media writing.

Editing Channel

Do you need an expert opinion on your social media messages, but only for a moment? If you want a professional communicator to help shape your internally-sourced messages and prepare them for posting to social media, this service is your secret weapon for cost savings.

Scheduled Updates

This is a basic, ongoing service to establish your social media presence as a regular feature of the Internet.

Scheduled Premium Content

This is an ongoing service issuing premium content, such as memes and infographics, mixed with written updates.

Express Updates

If you need a burst of relevant, expertly-crafted social media activity for a limited time, this is the service for you.

Express Premium Content

This is the service for anyone who needs to hire a freelancer to leverage social media for a limited-time run of premium content.


Please contact me for pricing and availability of social media writing services. 

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