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Tech Manual Writing Service

Tech Manual Writing Service

There are many challenges in crafting effective tech manuals. Thankfully, because few customers expect physical manuals anymore, distributing colorful tech manuals full of careful guidance and suited for all customers and users is no longer prohibitively expensive. Meanwhile, the benefit remains huge: high quality documentation means prestige -- users find good documentation to be an act of social responsibility. 

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Here's the Part Where I Show Off

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In 2016, I created a quick-deploy kit using Joomla and a few open source extensions for a specific implementation, as a landing page and marketing tool. I created two manuals for this project and have released them free alongside the kit. You can download both via the following links for two samples of my tech manual writing:

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These icons depict all pages from the longer of the two, the Owner/Operator's Manual.

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Would you rather spend more time looking at your surroundings, and less time looking at your phone? You can greatly reduce your customers' usage of support channels by deploying a good manual -- or manuals -- for your product or service. Go ahead: download the 20-page sample manual, and see how quick a read it is!

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What is Tech Manual Writing Service?

If you want a terrible, no-good, very bad tech manual, then all you need to do is take an inventory of the buttons and fields on every screen, and give them little descriptions. It'll be awful.

But producing a great tech manual requires a lot of strategy, and a lot more work. Read on.

Nuts and Bolts of the Tech Manual Writing Style

A tech manual which walks a careful line between completeness and concision can keep readers engaged and make your product more inviting. Readers don't want to be told to put their name in the name field; they want a meaningful head start at building a rapport with your interfaces. Speaking to users in a tone above their pay grade is a missed opportunity to foster a feeling of mutual loyalty and forces them to seek help in venues where you can't easily control the message.

The public's taste in interfaces trends toward Spartan. Users object to having unbidden texts inflicted upon them. As with anything, we shall take this offering to the place where demand exists. There is no better place to cram every possible bit of helpful information, than in the documentation. That's where the people who want it, will look. (Sometimes.)

What's the Task Breakdown for Tech Writing Service?

Tech manual writing typically means writing a full-color booklet, plus arranging and explaining screenshots, creation of original graphics, graphical composition work, and layout. But prior to producing the document itself, I need to know your product, which will require access to both it, and your team, plus research time. 

Layout and writing both go through numerous revisions. I take my time to tighten every word and get the most from page space and reader attention span.

Naturally, you will be involved in the final revision phases, and you will receive early samples to ensure I'm writing in the right direction.

Pricing? Questions?

Please contact me for pricing on tech manuals or to ask any questions about this service.