Tech Manual Writing Service

Tech Manual Writing Service

The challenge in crafting effective tech manuals is to keep the reader always in mind.  From their general skill level, to their specific prior training, we can't help them learn unless we speak their language, on their level. Since physical manuals are no longer the norm, the days when the cost to add a colorful, engaging manual to your product was prohibitively expensive are now behind us. And the benefit remains huge: master-crafted manuals make the best mix of love letter and greeting card for new users, and anyone being asked to increase their investment of time, effort, money or hope into your product. High-quality documentation gives your work prestige by showing you care enough to help people come on board.

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Want to spend more time seeing your surroundings, and less time staffing your support? You can greatly reduce your customers' usage of support channels by deploying a good manual -- or manuals -- for your product or service. Contact me and request a sample -- I'll send the consise, attractive manual shown in the above screenshots, and its companion, which were created for a specialty Joomla kit I rolled in 2016.

What is Tech Manual Writing Service?

First and foremost, it's not a process of inventorying the buttons and fields on every screen of your app, describing them from a programmer's point of view, and then sprinkling a few full-page screenshots for no other purpose than to break it all up visually. That would be awful, and a complete waste of time and money.

Just like producing your app, creating a great tech manual requires a strategy and a mind for structure, followed by fleshing out, and then finessing the fine details.

Nuts and Bolts of the Tech Manual Writing Style

A tech manual which walks a careful line between completeness and concision can keep readers engaged and make your product more inviting. Readers don't want to be told to put their name in the name field; they want a meaningful head start at building a rapport with your interfaces. Speaking to users in a tone above their pay grade is a missed opportunity to foster a feeling of mutual loyalty and forces them to seek help in venues where you can't easily control the message.

They also don't want to call support if they don't even understand enough to ask a proper question. People want solutions, not research assignments: they're smart enough to figure out where their name goes; with adequate and attractive guidance to grokking your paradigm, they'll find the name field in due course.

What's the Consultation and Task Breakdown for Tech Writing Service?

Tech manual writing typically means writing a full-color booklet, plus arranging and explaining screenshots, creation of original graphics, graphical composition work, and layout. But prior to producing the document itself, I need to know your product, which will require access to both it, and your team, plus research time. 

I need to know your product on an intermediate-to-advanced level as a user, and a beginner-to-intermediate level as a technician. (The latter comes passively from use with small-enough apps.) I need to know who uses your app, specifically in segments: I need to mentally group your users according to what parts of your app they use and their relevant competencies.

We need to discuss priorities and bounds: imagine a fence, weaving through a comprehensive description of your app, dividing the details you want in the manual, from those to omit. In order to avoid making mistakes when I intend to add value, I may also need to know why specific details are being omitted: budget, focus & segmentation, security & legal/contractual reasons, and so forth.

From there, it's mostly down to the project's complexity and desired turnaround time.

Layout and writing both go through numerous revisions. I take my time to tighten every word and get the most from page space and reader attention span.

Naturally, you will be involved in the final revision phases, and you will receive early samples to ensure I'm writing in the right direction.

Pricing? Questions?

Please contact me for pricing on tech manuals or to ask any questions about this service. 

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