I don't update these very often, but here they are. There's also a secret blog somewhere around here (because I don't exactly need to unpublish that one, but it's retired).

Currently Please Technical Standby Difficulties

I found out in 2017 that I've had PTSD my whole life. It felt like the right time to start another blog about my life history and mental states. This isn't the first time; and my blogs on this topic have tended to be experimental when they're good. Right now (Feb 2018) I'm only barely engaging my website at all, and so presentation is often an afterthought; but if it gets weird in this section, well... it's a blog about having my brain warped slowly over a long period of time, it was already going to be weird.

{ My blog about CPTSD }

De Facto Anarchy

Sometimes the right title and attached paradigm is the biggest barrier to allowing myself to jump in on a topic. Back in 2003 I got tired of spinning my community's wheels by running anti-war protests and peace seminars. In 2005 I found out "partnership to create a long-term grassroots community arts project" really means "please do a third of my doctoral project so I can start a TEDX and then forget you exist" (well, the full flowering of that lesson took a while longer than a year). In 2016 I learned there is no political ideology safe from corporate takeover in a culture as broken as ours. And on that note, I guess I'm ready to say what I think about the oozing spaghetti of middens and hairball that US and world politics have become.

{ My blog about politics }


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