Sudoers Log

Scrutinize Free Joomla Templates Carefully

This article teaches novices how to check a Joomla template for malicious PHP code before installing it. Written back when I was focused on Joomla, this advice applies to any system similar to the Joomla's templates, which enables adding executable, server-side code much too mindlessly.

Permissions are Powerful

Every webmaster needs to know how Unix permissions work whether they run Joomla or any other CMS - even if they run no CMS at all.

ContentBuilder Tip: Variable Stuffing

Here's how to get past a minor oversight in ContentBuilder. You can dynamically add JavaScript and such to the editor template while it's being rendered, such as to put a WYSIWYG editor on the form.

Tip: Pros Love Ugly Extensions

Don't judge an otherwise-great Joomla extension by how pretty it is, or isn't; just dig in with some CSS, and pretty it up!

Extension Notes: Aimy Sitemap 3.6.1

Like so many Joomla users, I was forced to find another sitemap extension in 2015. Aimy didn't make the cut; here's why not, and what it could do better.

Fix Mobile 'Issues' on Already-Responsive Sites

Google Webmaster Tools is a dirty f___ing liar. If your Joomla site is already responsive, and if the preceding sentence sums up your attitude toward a certain 'mobile usability issues' email you might have gotten lately, here's a little something for the tablets, the smartphones, and you.

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