Extension Notes: JU Directory Lite

JU Directory Lite is the contact directory extension we've all been waiting for.

The upgrade price is a buzzkill, but this extension shines.The line between content creation kit, and every other category of extension, is as blurry as a programmer wants it to be. At a time when customization of data structures and related logic, keeps finding its way into all of the things, JoomUltra releases a featureful new extension in a category always hungry for new, quality options: the contact directory.

Don't consider this a true review, although I currently lean towards giving it high marks on the JED. Notes within...

Thanks mostly to web directories being seen as a marketer's app, the free edition of JU Directory is a sales funnel, a bit more so than other extensions I'd write about. Let's cover that side of the commentary, first.

The free, link-supported version of JU Directory, called JU Directory Lite, might wag its finger by showing you all the options you didn't pay for, but at least it hides them behind a style that's simultaneously eye-catching, and clearly meant to denote that these features aren't active. There isn't an option to hide the link in the front end without paying. Besides the front-end link to JoomUltra's website, the most compelling argument for the $99/6-mo or $159/yr price tag, is front-end submission, and the ability for front-end users to claim and manage listings.

As its Dashboard shows, JU Directory is off to a good start in terms of interface and features.
As its Dashboard shows, JU Directory is off to a good start in terms of interface and features.

All that said, what JU Directory Lite does offer for free, comprises the most surprising news I have to report: it works efficiently, and has a great inferface on both ends. More to the point: as of 1.0.3 it works out of the box, and doesn't require too painful a configuration, to get running.

(Those of you who got a fatal error when trying to view a listing in the front end, should grab 1.0.3.)

The control panel uses typical Joomla paradigms, with added flourish which might confuse a few users at first. Hint: don't forget that the top-level items, on the admin component's custom button-bar, are also, themselves, buttons. Another hint on the admin component: To find your lists of listings, click a folder name in Manager.

Be ready to add some custom site CSS - my template had some issues causing things to expand outside the margins of their containers. The following CSS, fixed me, when I used JU Directory 1.0.3 with RT's Afterburner 2 template:

.judir-listing-details .listing-box,
  { margin: 0 20px !important; }
  { margin: 0 !important; }

Aside from that issue, and the fatal errors prior to 1.0.3, responsive behavior worked out of the box:

Demonstrating responsive behavior in JU Directory.
Demonstrating responsive behavior in JU Directory.

If you need personalized help installing, understanding, or using JU Directory, I can provide assistance on demand to those who buy hours of general Joomla admin service.

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