Joomla Basics: When to Re-purpose Items vs When to Trash

How to decide whether your old items are a resource, or a clutter.Hypothetical to-do list: Delete category blog menu item for Category X, then create category blogs for its children under the menu entry for category Y.

Question: Why not just convert that Category X Blog menu item, into raw materials -- rolling it into your next to-do item, since it happens to be to create another category blog!

The main, perhaps only, reason not to reuse entries this way, is during complex testing and prototyping -- in other words, if you're not sure the change is permanent, hand-editing makes it take longer to revert your changes.

Just about any other time, if you're really sure you're going to delete something and then create something else of the exact same type, consider and compare these procedures:

  1. Open a plaintext editor (Notepad, etc)
  2. Cut-paste what you're deleting, to a plaintext file
  3. Save it somewhere (e.g. a temp folder if you're sure you're wasting time saving it at all


  1. Check item and click Trash
  2. Find and use the Filtering menus to display your trashed items
  3. Check item and click Empty Trash
  4. Find and use the Filtering menus to quit trash view

The same length of procedure required to trash and kill your unwanted item, could be spent archiving it if there's any chance you'll need it again. That's either an immediate time-savings (if you're sure you don't need the content again) or a proactive, organized step (filing potential boilerplate text for later), instead of a busywork step (empty trash).

Then you simply empty all the data entry fields, re-assign options for the new purpose, change the item's Parent and such if necessary, and Save.

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